Flow and creativity

Flow and creativity aims to move the body in all planes of movement in a fun and intuitive way. Barre Body’s signature style places flow and creativity high on our list of importance when delivering group exercise. The quality of flow is the way you sequence, transition and connect exercises together in a fluid and seamless way. It is a tool to make your classes fun and unique whilst feeling harmonious.

Creativity can be expressed through language, relationship of exercises, choice of exercises, the way you sequence and transition, along with the modifications. How each teacher expresses their creativity and what feels authentic to them will be different and we encourage each person to find their own way of cultivating that.

As we follow Gabrielle and Mel through the explanation of flow and creativity, open your manuals to planes of movement and movements of the body: Write key notes down in your manuals about why we want to move in all three planes, the benefits it has on our bodies and the importance of flow and creativity. Fill in the table for movements of the body.