teacher training courses

Short Courses

Pre and Post Natal Training


Learn to teach pregnant clients and new mums in Pilates & barre classes.

Emma Seibold Emma Seibold

Creative Barre Repertoire 1


20 creative exercises to have fun with in your barre classes.

Elyse Huxtable Elyse Huxtable

Injuries and modifications


In depth information of common injuries and modifications to support injuries in class

Melissa Chivers Melissa Chivers

Meditation and Savasana


How to confidently and calmly include meditation and savasana in your classes.

Kat Lee Kat Lee

How to Teach Cardio


Amp up your Pilates & barre classes with cardio

Kat Lee Kat Lee

Ballet Technique and Repertoire


Learn classical ballet positions, technique and repertoire

Sophie Bredenkamp Sophie Bredenkamp

Fun with Props: The Resistance Band


Use the resistance band to add spice, challenge and variety to your classes

Rebecca Lockyer Rebecca Lockyer

Fun with Props: Ball


Create fun and dynamic classes by incorporating a Pilates ball into your sequences.

Gabrielle Gavin Gabrielle Gavin

Fun with Props: Sliders


Use sliders to add spice, challenge and variety to your classes

Elyse Huxtable Elyse Huxtable